family selfie

Hey guys! So… a little about me… my name is Jill and I’m married to the cute guy up there in the photo. We are raising these four girls in the picture with us.  Even though we both grew up with only brothers, we love having the scales of gender this far off-balance in our household.   I  always wanted a sister, and I sometimes sit back and admire the bonds I see between our girls.  They keep our home lively, fun, sentimental, and active.

Along with being a wife and mother, I am a certified Jazzercise instructor and celebrated my fourth anniversary of teaching in the spring of 2016.  I absolutely love it!  I took classes for a little over a year before I decided to teach. When my youngest was starting Kindergarten, I kept sensing God pushing me to try something new- to set a goal for myself- and I approached the whole process of certification with both excitement and fear.  At that time it had been two years since I lost my dad to cancer.  I knew I needed to be a better steward of my health and was trying to figure out what habits I could make stick.  I can honestly say going through the jazzercise experience was life-changing.  It has taught me consistency with being active and healthy, has given me friends from so many different walks of life,  and has brought about a self-confidence… not so much in myself or abilities, but the kind of confidence that comes from trusting His plans.

That was the beginning of a journey that I continue on with this blog.  With trying to get my whole family more active, I researched how many steps a day was recommended for good health.  I read that we should strive to reach 10,000 daily.  When I really thought about that, I realized those steps we take each day should be so much more than physical movement.  Eating well, allowing ourselves time to rest, showing kindness to others, praying, creating, serving, offering encouragement… these are all daily steps we can take that will move us towards true health.  WHOLE health.  I don’t always manage to get in all the steps every day, but I am learning ways to try and reach that goal.  Many of the posts you find here have been contemplated in my mind and doodled in my journals for quite some time.  I feel God pushing me to stay confident…surrendered… and share things here that He is teaching me.  I truly hope to bring to life the many ideas He has given me and encourage others with my words.  I’d love for you to follow along.

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

🙂 Jill


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